Here’s how FeatherFeed works

FeatherFeed is a savvy browser extension to discover quality reads from all over the internet. Just follow these three simple steps to enjoy articles at a click on the button!

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Download FeatherFeed and embed it to your browser.

Informy, your personal assistant, will help you setting it up by electing topics and trends you love to follow per channel

Select topics you are interested in. Gathered from multiple sources
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Use your browser as you normally would. Nothing fancy, just browse away!

Or... click through the articles in the widget if you cannot wait! Watch out though! You might get addicted ;-).

Articles tailored for users
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Over time, Informy, learns what you love best!

Informy will notify you when it fetches an interesting read!

Informy, your personal assistant, recommending articles from a broad range of sources

Meet Informy!

FeatherFeed has a little helper, your digital assistant, to make spaghetti from all your data  – meet Informy!

A waving Informy, your personal assistant in FeatherFeed

Nice to meet, I’m Informy, your personal assistant!

The FeatherFeed plugin gathers data from the various sources you visit online. It stores it into your own personal environment – which you control. 

I live in this environment!

I study your data very hard to see and learn patterns. For instance, in the topics you like and the time of day you like to read. But I also check what you’ve missed out on which should be brought to your attention. See me as your private butler, your Smart Data Agent. 

I filter on your behalf relevant information without ever releasing data anywhere without your consent!

Our Promise to you

We believe in a world where everyone keeps control over their own information. 

FeatherFeed is developed with the mission to give the internet user control over personal information. We do not only promise we will never resell your data, but we cannot even access it. You’re in full control!

Private Data Storage
1. Control your data

FeatherFeed gives you control over your data. No one can access this data without your permission and you decide with whom you like to share it. 

2. Transparent

We don’t keep secrets from you and will use open-source technologies where possible. Also if something is not clear, reach out to us directly. 

3. Making Privacy Easy

We make privacy and data ownership fun! We strongly believe the world will be better with easy-to-use products which everyone (and with that we mean everyone!) can use. 

Try FeatherFeed today to keep your recommendations personal and your data private