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Some small blogs can cover topics in-depth, while larger publishers can be your trustworthy source for recent articles. FeatherFeed provides both, and gets you out of your comfort zone!

What our beta testers say:

  • I would applaud an app like you describe… It would certainly set the app/service apart from most other aggregators.


    Reddit, Jan 2020
  • Testing out FeatherFeed for a week helped me save quite a bit of time. I read a lot of sources daily, so I found this news aggregator experience really fun to use. Look forward pushing this forward with the team as a beta tester! 


    Tester, July 2020
  • Bonus points for scheduled news fetching in the background, so when I take the subway in the morning, I already have the news available in the app.


    Reddit, Jan 2020


In short: Yes.

With more words: Yes, of course ;-).

All jokes aside,  FeatherFeed is developed with the mission to build a better internet. This can only be done, we believe, if everyone controls their own information. FeatherFeed stores all your relevant information in your browser and it stays there. 

↳ For the more tech savvy readers: on our roadmap we have to embed a Private Data Server (PDS). If you would like to dive deeper into our technology stack or simply don’t understand it and would like to chat, drop us a message anytime: hello@ 

FeatherFeed holds a database of articles from various online sources. Since we intend to deliver content of the highest quality, the sources chosen are exclusive but constantly being curated.

To select which articles to show the user, we track the user’s read articles through the browser extension.

Then, a list of potential articles is fetched and is matched till perfection on the user’s device. With our feedback mechanism, this makes the matching process a lot more efficient eventually.

Nope. The browser extension is small and it is only using text data. It isn’t that large compared to all the images your browser already caches.

You should care about data ownership, because you wouldn’t let us own something you care about deeply without your permission, would you? Well digitally this happens every single second you go online. Other companies are making A LOT of money over your personal obtained information. Unlike in the physical world whereby you decide who is welcome in your home, digitally this is reversed. It takes a lot of effort for others not to snoop into your digital behaviour. We would like to change this for the better, without taking away the convenience you experience while online.

So to conclude you should care! (and happy to go on and on if you like and give you loads of examples, but let’s try to keep it short and sweet).

Not true. Simply put: we cannot even access your data, let alone resell your data.

So, how do we intend to make money? Imagine other parties would like to bring their article to your attention, and your personal assistant KNOWs you will love it AND you allow to tell the external party that it’s okay to show it to you. Well, here we intend to take a cut.

At a later stage we will also introduce a paid tier which will have more granularity in terms of user experience. 

Simply send us an email at hello@ ! You can also follow our (closed) twitter for the latest updates hello@

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