About us

The internet has forever changed the way we have access to information and its perceived value. 

Katalysis is the company behind FeatherFeed, and is set out to make the ownership and real-time consumption of content transparent across the entire value chain. 

All our products are build around privacy by design. We use technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and edge computing.

Who we are

We are a team based in Amsterdam, all driven by remodelling how the internet works for us. 

We’re here to listen, help and provide you with the best reads. All in a privacy-oriented way!

Who we are team drawing

And, our most important member: Informy!

We put together Informy, your personal assistant!

Informy was designed to truly personalise the app experience for you.

On the inside, it studies your data and pushes the correct articles to you. But to you, Informy is your private butler!

Enjoy the various moods your assistant gets into, and make sure to talk with it – it’ll benefit both of you!

Try FeatherFeed today to keep your recommendations personal and your data private